At HW Sweets the quality of our food is one of our priorities, however our food is a kind of art, its preparation comes from the hearts of our working team, you will feel this through our special attention concerning preparation and presentation, when you read the Menu you will find a wide variety of delicious items such as hot & cold drinks as well as sweets, cakes and chocolates, sandwiches and breakfast that suit all tastes and at all times, we carefully select and develop what we offer to be distinguished from others and to gain a different experience.

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We have different types of pastries and sweetmeats that cater to our customers' daily requests and special occasions.



We prepare different kinds of cold and hot drinks to suit all seasons, experience drinks in HW is different from any other places, we always present new drinks and new tastes.



We offer you a variety of items in HW to start your day in a healthy and by the right way that suits all tastes and cultures. All baked pastries and breakfast ingredients are prepared fresh in the morning to enjoy a rich meal.



In a homemade way, we love to prepare and bake cakes at HW. There are some great things in our kitchen, what we do it is not a secret or secret mixtures, our secret is: "what we do is that we love what we do. At HW we do not only make the cake fresh, but we do make happiness and offer it to you.